Major AntiSpam Update

Hey all, one of the major issues we've had with Jarvis is the constant spam from users that don't understand every message has an impact on Jarvis. To counteract this, I've spent days working on and testing the system alongside the leadership and Patreon teams, creating an 8-flag system to detect possible spam as opposed to the incredibly basic system we've been using up until now. I am not going to go into details about how the system works, but here are some stats about it: In the past 12 hours: - The system has detected 104 possible spam messages - Out of those 104 detections, 89 have been confirmed by the moderation team as certain spam and have been removed from the system. That's an 86% success rate for the very first model! Once the system is perfected, we will be running all existing patterns through antispam, profanity, and logistic checks to really smooth the database for the best responses. Also, once we reach this stage we will be introducing automatic punishments for spamming offences, so to avoid getting caught up in this please do not try and test the system!

Darth | 4 months ago

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