End of August Changelog

Hey all, as promised a brand new changelog has arrived detailing our work on Jarvis in the past 2 weeks, so let's jump into it!

One of the major pieces of feedback I have ran into is the slow response of Jarvis. I have been working heavily against that, and have rolled an update today that has brung the average response time from 5.3 seconds to 2.7 - This is the biggest and most impactful change you will really be able to feel.

The work on mood detection has also been a great focus of the past 2 weeks. Shoutout to ThinkPuppy and Liam Ellis for their great work training and monitoring this system, we are looping in more Jarvions to work on this system in the coming days, and I hope by the next changelog I will be able to dedicate to the alpha release of this system onto the live jarvis algorithm :D

Other background bug fixes, primarily with the shard manager system causing too much downtime, has also been fixed.


Aqua has been busy with QoL fixes for the site this past fortnight, improving redundancy and making the framework more efficient resulting in better load times and general resiliancy. Some pretty exciting things are planned though so stay tuned! :)

That's all folks, thanks for reading! Remember to leave your feedback as it's what makes Jarvis better, and consider joining the Jarvion team to help make Jarvis a better bot!


Darth | 1 month ago

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